What is Blitz Marketing ?


Blitz marketing strategy reminds us of the Blitzkrieg warfare. Blitzkrieg warfare is a sudden and intense military attack from all directions intended on the enemy with the help of heavy artillery or weaponry. Blitzkrieg is organized to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. Due to the sudden, brisk and intense nature of the attack the enemy gets no time to retaliate and will be forced to accept defeat in a very less time. By the way, we are not discussing on the various types of warfare. Yes, Blitz marketing is something similar in the approach. Online MBA in India blogs will let you know more about Blitz marketing.

What is blitz marketing?

Blitz marketing is a sudden and intense marketing campaign aimed at selling a product or service with the help of media and other creative platforms. It is a time-bound marketing strategy aimed for a short interval of time to create big conversions. However blitz marketing campaign must be targeted towards the target audience in order to obtain good results.

Benefits of blitz marketing

  • Blitz marketing is very suitable for product launches or launch of a new service that people are completely unaware about. This marketing strategy serves the product launch in a very big way by utilizing all the available marketing resources like internet, conventional mediums etc.
  • The marketing strategy is more focused at the target audience so that more conversion and less wastage.
  • Blitz marketing is meant for very short interval of time to obtain maximum exposure. Therefore the chances of audience getting bored due to repetitive advertisement can be eliminated. Repetitive marketing style or using the same medium over again and again can cause of lack of interest among the customers.

The finest example of implementing Blitz marketing concepts is evident in the promotion of the mid 2016 release Tamil movie Kabali. The advertising campaign of the movie was carried out by associating with other leading brands like Airtel, Muthoot Group, AirAsia, Amazon etc. “Fly like a Super Star” campaign designed on one of the flights of Air Asia was very distinct and creative when compared to the traditional ads. The Muthoot Group came up with special Kabali silver coins. Maruthi Suzuki released altogether a new edition named Kabali edition. Airtel launched special Kabali packs in this regard. Even Amazon had come up with Kabali coffee cups, T-shirts, mobile cover-cases etc for the purpose of movie promotion and branding. And even these brands benefited from these advertisements as they could make more exposure with the “Kabali factor”.

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