Visual Merchandising



Visual Merchandising as the phrase indicates deals with the something “visual”, visually great enough to attract the attention of the customers. Anything that looks great, creatively presented or arranged attracts the attention of the people. This “visual appeal” is the essential factor that governs Visual Merchandising. Visual merchandising or VM is the merchandising technique by which the merchandise or the outlet as a whole is presented in a very creative, attractive manner with the prime purpose of gaining customer attention and thereby sales. Here are the online MBA in India blog concepts regarding Visual Merchandising.

Why visual merchandising?

What’s the actual need of visual merchandising? Why should one focus on the “visual” factor and spend too much on the same? Here is the crucial aspect of visual merchandising. Visual merchandising serves as a “silent sales person” of your product or store. In traditional markets, store managers employ agents just outside the premises of the store to canvass and bring in the customers. This job is done nowadays with the help of visual merchandising. Visual merchandising serves as a motivating agent that persuades the customer invest his time in the store or on the products displayed. VM also does the job of customer assistance. If meticulously done, VM can even educate the customer about a particular product in a very creative and engaging manner. Customer engagement is another sales bringing factor here. A happy, satisfied and pleased customer is more likely to bring in sales than a confused, bored customer. Of course, there are chances that the same happy customer might conduct future visits to your store to experience the same visual factor!!  Create “Impulse purchase” is another added advantage of visual merchandising. Purchasing goods more than what is really intended by the customer is named as Impulse Purchasing. The visual impact plays the pivotal role in bringing Impulse Purchase or Sales.

Branding is another important factor as far as sales is concerned. Branding determines the reach of your product or service among the people. Properly planned and creatively done visual merchandising can help boost branding to a great extent.

Therefore it is quite evident that visual merchandising can bring an overall increase in sales. Improvising the VM concepts can bring out very good results particularly in Fashion outlets where people spend considerable amount of time on various products. More updates on Visual Merchandising shall be published on Online MBA in India blogs.