Using Online Forums For Learning


Online forums can be of great help to the education sector as a whole. Now, the education sector is not limited to student community alone. The instructors or education providers are also an integral part of the education sector. Forums serve as a connecting link between the student community and the providers. This article will let you know more about how online forums help both these groups.

How online forums can help student folks
• Response gathering arena – Students can make use of the forums as a response gathering platform. This is an empowering aspect of forums as well as students are concerned. Through forums students can collect information about various Educational programs, courses or projects. Most of the information collected might be shared by genuine users who have had completed the particular program mentioned in the forum thread. Therefore valuable “user reviews” can be collected.
• Due to participation of multiple students, one can go through and understand the view or opinion shared by another individual. Therefore, a topic or a phenomenon can be understood in multiple angles. There is definite scope of arriving at a conclusion from multiple viewpoints.
• Facilitates academic collaboration – Students can associate with other students with similar wavelengths and goals so as to achieve their common goal.
• Enhance personality skills – Serious participation in online forums can enhance the personality skills of the student like improved vocabulary, writing skills, communication skills.
• Knowledge sharing – Serves as an online hub for knowledge sharing. Vital information, hard-to-grasp theoretical concepts can be shared via online forums.
• Keeps updated – the scope of getting email notifications makes an individual constantly updated about any activity associated with the discussion topic.
• Facilitates group study – Students can conduct group studies via online forums.

How online forums can help instructors
• Discussion threads can be created that associates with the launch of a new course or training program. These threads can be managed effectively via offering extensive support to the students concerned.
• Updates or tweaks concerning the projects can be easily done.
• Activity monitoring – Online forums facilitates activity monitoring so that the instructors can always monitor individual participation from the part of students. Instructors can also keep track of their own contributions.
• Testimonials – the instructors can include testimonials of other students who have successfully completed the program. This enhances the credibility.
• Link sharing – Online forums facilitates link sharing so that instructors can share the link to an online content or resource. This can be done in a group in order to increase the reach.