The scope of influencer marketing


Influencer marketing is slowly but steadily replacing the conventional concepts of advertising. People are quite used to the conventional marketing techniques like TV ads, newspaper ads etc. In fact, consumers are getting bombarded with ads each and every minute in the form of hoardings, promotion calls, online ads etc. In this ad-bombardment process, it becomes very difficult for any particular ad to get hold of the attention of the customer. Therefore, if your ad needs to catch the attention of the audience, there must be something special, attractive, appealing in it. There lies the relevance of Influencer marketing. Online MBA in India blog will let you know more about influencer marketing and how it is implemented.

Who is the influencer?

Influencer marketing is aimed at those individuals who are likely to make a purchase inspired by or encouraged by the purchase done by a friend or a relative. This means that the initial “purchaser” must have some kind of importance or credibility to that particular person. The same marketing technique is employed with celebrity endorsement.

A celebrity – an actor, cricketer, sporting professional, singer or any personality who has got a positive influence on the crowd can be an influencer. An influencer is not limited to personalities alone, certain groups, music bands, or even an organization can play the role of an influencer – the only major criterion here is a positive impact or credibility. The scope of the influencer may vary according to location, geography, the type of audience etc. Hence thorough marketing research should be done before you fix the influencer.

Online bloggers, YouTubers these days serve as excellent influencers. From small business establishments to multinational companies nowadays intelligently make use of bloggers and Youtubers to market their products. What the advertisers want here is not a sales boom, but a positive online presence.

Influencer marketing is implemented by first preparing a campaign strategy. The marketer should have a clear understanding of the purpose of the campaign or what it is aimed for and its end result.

After the initial campaign strategy is set, the marketer may contact the most apt influencer to do the job based on conducting a detailed market research. And the next phase of the influencer marketing is monitoring the influencer campaign.

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