The Advent of Mobile Learning

The Advent of Mobile Learning

With the advent of technology, learning has extended beyond the conventional teacher-led classroom and training methodologies. Imparting education no longer requires a specific location, and may not be time bound. Nowadays, learning focuses on the mobility of the learners, where interaction takes place with many portable devices. Online learning when combined with mobile devices has given rise to a revolutionary trend called M-learning.

Today, students have access to advanced mobile technologies that are more sophisticated and powerful as compared to the conventional computers. Mobile learning technologies like smartphones and tablets have surpassed the volatile growth of mobile devices and created a furor in the learning environment. The latest mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones have speedily outpaced desktops and notebooks.

A growing number of people are getting hooked onto mobile devices for their day to day activities. Ever since its inception, the trend has only continued to gain strong foothold.

A learner can download audio, video lectures, view flash movies, create and edit documents, send instant messages, and access content globally through a smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices have replaced books and notes due to its portability and tailored learning content. Mobile learning can enhance group collaboration through communication applications, interactive displays, videos, and a host of other media.

The utility of smartphones is evident at professional organizations and it is gradually spreading to educational institutions as well. Various institutions offer online MBA programs that are specifically designed to cater to the mobile and tablet users. Students possessing these mobile devices have the capacity to perpetrate the learning content and applications. This trend is deep rooted in the international scenario, however online MBA institutes in India too are following suit. ITM University Online, one of the leading names in Online MBA education endorses the trend of using the latest technological devices to impart education to their students.

To sum it up, it can be said that the impact of mobile learning is far-reaching, and its probable results on education are deep. The usability, adaptability, and applicability of this new learning medium are sure to witness a volatile growth in the years to come.

Lastly, as the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, so also the growing number of users and their increasing expectations out of mobile devices will propel new technologies to be launched which will enable better functionality, connectivity and a host of other features.