Social Media In Recruitment

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Millions of people of different age-groups use social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Recruiters, job consultants and agencies make use of this data to the fullest for their job requirements. From a recruiter’s point of view, the recruiter needs the most skilled and eligible individual for the job opening. Therefore the recruiter should filter and scrutinize from the millions of users in order to get the right candidate. This online MBA in India article will let you know how to make use of these social media websites for your recruitment related purposes.

Facebook for recruitment

Facebook MarketPlace can be used for recruiting purposes. Facebook Marketplace is a cost-free feature to post recruitment or hire-ads. Please provide all the necessary information regarding the job details, place, the need for recruitment etc as per the directions given and that’s it.

The recruiters can make use of the Facebook Directory to conduct a quick explore of people, pages, Groups etc. Facebook directory has an amazing data of registered Facebook users, directory of pages and groups that contain the information of brands, businesses, etc.

You can even come up with an updated Facebook page of your business concern for the purpose of recruitment. Post relevant and creative posts regarding job opening in your establishment. The interested folks are always free to contact you –another free feature.

More precise and efficient form of Facebook recruiting can be done via Facebook Ads. You may create Ads on Facebook based on your requirement and send those ads to your target audience. It means that the recruiter can pick the audience of his choice based on factors like age, gender, keywords and restrict the ad-promotion on that particular audience-group. In this manner, the particular ad gets maximum views and clicks from the most preferred, targeted audience. Of course you have to pay for this feature.

LinkedIn for recruitment

LinkedIn is a pool or hub of professionals and other skilled individuals and therefore the recruiter can select the right candidate for the intended job in a more direct manner.  You may even post job ads in LinkedIn but the feature comes with a price tag.

You may connect with other LinkedIn users and build your network groups. Connecting with groups is one of the best means of getting to know about professionals and potential job seekers via LinkedIn. You may also avail the services of LinkedIn Talent Advantage – recruitment tool. “Social media for recruiting” articles are published in the online MBA in India forum too. Please read.