Service Marketing Concepts


In general sense, service marketing is nothing but marketing of all service related aspects by a business concern to its potential buyers. The term ‘service related’ includes a wide range of essential services that have a vital role in our day-to-day life. And these service include, health related services, telecommunications, monetary services, hotels, hospitality, travel and many others. When it comes to marketing of a product, assume a specified product – a mobile phone. Mobile phone is visible to the eyes, is touchable and therefore can be felt. Mere display of the mobile can attract potential buyers in large numbers provided it is attractive and fulfills many other salability factors. But the term ‘service’ cannot be perceived by our senses. It cannot be seen or felt in a direct sense and hence the marketing of ‘service’ or simply service marketing can be a challenging task for whoever conducts it. And that’s the beauty of service marketing.

Service is intangible and is an important aspect of the same. A customer understands about a service only after he or she receives or experiences the same from the provider. A mere hoarding that states, “We offer good service” will not do any good to the customer, unless the same customer get a chance to experience the service provided. And this makes service marketing more challenging.

The institutions that offer Distance MBA in India and regular MBA providers have included concepts of service marketing due to its widespread importance.

If the customer has accepted a particular service or he/she is fully satisfied with a service, chances are more that the same customer will feel free to demand for the same service from the same provider. Therefore professionalism shown in the service offered, irrespective of the type of service, plays a vital role in creating a good relationship with the customers. And for the same reasons customer satisfaction and service go hand-in-hand.

Variability of services is another important aspect of service marketing. A service of a particular kind differs from another when we consider the involvement of human intervention. There is another accept of service marketing and that is just the contrary of variability and its called homogeneity. Homogeneity can be experienced in branded restaurant chains, where the customer gets the same type of treatment worldwide or irrespective of the country. A typical example of homogeneity can be experienced in KFC.

Further Service marketing concepts and Distance MBA tips shall be published in future blogs.