Industrial Relations and Overall Productivity

Industrial relations and overall productivity

Industrial relations is a vital aspect that determines the smooth functioning of any industrial establishment or concern. The work environment, interpersonal relationship among the workers, the rapport between worker and employer, managers, supervisors – all play a major role in Industrial relations. Politicians, labour scholars etc have described Industrial Relations in their own terms. Out of these, JT Dunlop’s description of Industrial relations requires mentioning here. According to Dunlop it is an intricate interrelationship among the various parties that associate with the industrial concern both directly and indirectly – which means, the labourers, managers, supervisors and various government bodies. Online MBA in India blog will let you know more about the relevance of Industrial relations on matters related to productivity, disputes, and employee self-esteem.

Smooth and trouble free production – Industrial relations make sure that production is carried out consistently without any interruption or hindrances of any sort. Trouble free work environment and work culture are the greatest benefits of healthy industrial relations. And of course, the beneficiaries are the workers, supervisors, managers and finally the employer. Industrial relations makes sure that the raw materials or the resources are used in the apt, legitimate manner ensuring seemless production. Not only the workers and the employer, but other industries that depend on the processed final goods of a particular industrial concern are also benefitted from the same. The processed goods of one industrial concern might be the raw material required for another. Hence Industrial relations enhances overall industrial growth.

Morale booster – Healthy Industrial relations aids as a self-esteem or morale booster for the employees. And the lift in the morale can be evident from the individual performance of worker and hence the overall performance of the concern. Workers perform the entrusted job with great enthusiasm and satisfaction and work for a common goal. Hence increase in performance and overall productivity.

Less number of industrial disputes – As there is good communication between the employer and the workers and among the intermediaries like the manager and the supervisor, there is very less chance of an industrial dispute. Industrial dispute can occur when any new rule or regulation interferes with the freedom or interest of the workers. As a result the workers call for strike, Go slow strikes, etc and all these measures affect the overall productivity of the industrial concern. Healthy industrial relations take initiative to deal with these disputes and settle the issues at the earliest by considering the interests of both parties involved.

Good Industrial Relations is really a boon for industries concerns. For more on Industrial Relations visit our Online MBA in India blogs.