Business deals and business meals are much related. One can bring in the other and vice versa too. In this article we would discuss on how to organize business meals with your clients, may it be a lunch or a dinner. The intentions are of-course business-oriented, may be in order to fix a deal or enhance the relationship with the client or take up a new assignment from the client etc. The A to Z understanding of your brand or service along with some basic manners can make a deal happen.
Here are some of those “business manners” to keep in mind, when you do the proceedings as a benevolent host. Remember, keeping in mind these ideas can make your time more productive and result-oriented. They can also help in a great way in future business deals too.
Host duties – As the host, you should have good presence of mind of the entire proceedings. Right from offering the invitation to settling the bills, the host should be in full control of the situation.
Restaurant booking – Get the restaurant that you have been in to or are aware of. Avoid restaurants that have unpleasant remarks associated with you or in general sense.
Make the reservations well ahead at your convenience.
Confirm the timing with your client – make a call to your client to confirm the “event”. More often the clients may forget about it or other important engagements may intervene. You can even confirm the same with your client on the previous day of the event. Lack of communication can make things worse – remember!!
Get to the restaurant well-before the scheduled time of the meet-up. This will help you build up a good rapport with the restaurant or hotel manager. Settling the bill over the table – is a big NO and therefore the waiter should be informed about the same prior to the proceedings. You can even give your wallet or card to the manager for that matter! If you cannot make it happen, inform the waiter to hand over the bill straight to you, so that you could pay without creating an awkward situation.
Be well-informed about seating manners and table manners. Your guest should feel comfortable, the host may not.
Request the guest to make the initial order – the host need not make the order all at once. Of course, you are free to give suggestions on dishes, flavor etc. Follow the courses of the guest, quantity-wise, ensure that you don’t go beyond or take less.
Discussion time – Pick a convenient time to start off the “serious discussion” after the orders are made. Make sure that the discussion is not interrupted by any means.
The way you make your client feel after-all, determines the prospects of your business. Rather than focusing only on the academic topics, ITM University’s online MBA course also teaches students on business etiquette as well.