E-Learning – A Comparison With Classroom Learning


The traditional or conventional classroom set-ups are gradually changing to online platforms. We are all well-aware of what traditional classrooms means. Most of us were brought up in the traditional classroom style, where the students learn directly from the teachers. In this internet era, where most of our daily chores are possible through the internet, learning has also become doable via the same. Here, we shall compare the two – the traditional classroom set up with online classroom or in short e-learning.

Real and virtual – Yes, that’s the most evident difference. The traditional classrooms are all set in the physical environment. A direct or live interaction in physical sense with the students and teacher is possible in traditional set-up while online classrooms are all set up in a virtual environment. But e-learning has got other benefits over traditional classrooms like the student can learn from his comfort zone or convenience. In e-learning time and location of study do not matter. E learning is possible via a wide range of devices too like the desktop, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone. What needed is just an internet connection.
In- charge of learning – In traditional setup, of course the teacher or the instructor is in charge of the studies. And the pace of learning is confined to the teacher alone. But in online set-up the student is in control over the learning-process. The student solely determines the pace of study.
Travel and fee – In traditional classroom set-up there involves travel of some sort. The student should travel or commute to the classroom location, be it a school or college. Apart from the travel expenses, it also involves considerable amount of money in the form of tuition fee. But when it comes to online classroom, the student need not commute and therefore there is no travel expense. He can study right in the comfort of his home. Compared to traditional set-up, online or e-learning platforms do not require huge tuition fee.
Course administration – The traditional concept is a one-time process. Once the classroom session is over, it’s done. But in e-learning the student can make use of the online study material as many times needed and can be used for future references too.
Type or variety of subject – The traditional system basically deals with one subject at a time. So the students have the choice of learning only one subject or topic at a time. But in e-learning the student is free to choose his topic of interest from a wide variety of other topics.