Concepts Of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

The marketing strategy that we are already familiar with is Outbound marketing in which businesses search for their customers or audience to sell the product or service. Outbound marketing is the conventional marketing technique that we are all used to. Now, inbound marketing is just the opposite of Outbound marketing – it attracts customers toward the marketer. Inbound marketing is a technology-ruled marketing strategy that makes use of the services of digital media to a great extent. Here we shall discuss on the various concepts of Inbound marketing published on Distance MBA in India blogs.

Inbound marketing techniques

Inbound marketing basically revolves around content based marketing. Blogs, websites, Search Engine Optimization, Webinars etc are the supporting factors of Inbound marketing. It is about offering valid, relevant information to the customers about a particular product, business or service. This creates a clear-cut understanding of the product to the customer and the idea or the information regarding the same remains in customer’s mind for a long time. Anything fed in to the mind in an engaging and creative manner remains in mind for a long time – a psychological aspect. Now this information or idea about the particular product or service serves as the deciding factor of making a purchase.

Major benefits of Inbound marketing

  • Enhances the online reach – Legit, informative, creative content shared on the internet can attract prospective customers to your webpage. Content marketing with apt optimization techniques increase the reach of your business online to a great extent. If the readers are impressed, there is every chance that the information shall be shared on social media – and that’s a bonus!
  • Enables branding – Sustained, engaging content helps in branding and also boosts credibility. Credibility is an important factor and determines the sales and reputation of the business.
  • Cuts down direct marketing expenses – Since Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers, the direct marketing expenses can be minimized to a great extent. Online reviews, questions, queries etc can get you prospective customers who are most likely to make conversion.
  • Quality leads – Now, it’s not just about lead generation but quality leads. Quality leads determine the Return on Investment (ROI). The information you provide on blogs, webinars etc are followed by the prospective customers or people who are interested in that particular service. Therefore you get more traffic and quality leads.

More on Inbound marketing shall be published on upcoming Distance MBA in India blogs.