Concept of Research In Management

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Research is an integral aspect of formulating new theories or concepts. Scientists all over the world perform various research activities in multiple aspects of science like medicine, engineering, technology etc. It may take months or even years of strenuous studies and experimentation to arrive at a final conclusion. This article will let you know more about scientific research, what it means and the aspects that are associated with the same.

What is scientific research?

Scientists arrive at various hypothesis and theories after several months or even years of experimentation and trial and errors. The sum total of all these experimentations and investigations is known as scientific research. Hypothesis is the assertion given to a particular phenomenon or event which is not fully understood or when it requires further investigation and experimentation. The person who formulates the hypothesis is better known as a researcher. Researchers work in all fields of science and they play an integral part in the advancement of science.

The researchers make use of a very systematic approach called “scientific methods” to deal with an unknown or less known phenomenon.  There are few aspects associated with scientific method. The first part is observation. Keen observation of a particular phenomenon or event is crucial to understand what it is or what is actually going on. Observations are followed by reasoning. Reasoning for why the particular event or phenomenon occurred or simply an elucidation for the same. Yes, you are right, it’s what we already discussed – the hypothesis. The next is the experimentation or testing part. The particular hypothesis is then subjected to testing. This is a time-consuming, strenuous activity and needs much expertise and technological know-how. Most of the researchers work for multinational establishments like in the case of drug manufacturers etc. These establishments fund the researchers and offer all facilities and technological support to conduct these experiments. The end-product or result of these tests is then cross checked with the hypothesis already formulated.

Scientific research is incorporated in to the field of Management too. It is a very important aspect of Management studies and is known as Management research. Management research deals with the A to Z of Organizational structure, Market oriented strategies, Organization theory etc. Management research helps the business establishments to keep track of the organizational performance. A question hierarchy is set up to better understand Management research and the questions in the hierarchical order comprise of Management Dilemma, Management Question, Research Question, Investigation Question, Measurement Question, and Management Decision.

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