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A Step Ahead towards Financial Inclusion

Since Independence, the Government of India has taken copious initiatives to create financial awareness amongst its citizens. These initiatives were aimed to impart knowledge towards the banking and insurance sector. Ironically, it seems that despite a lot

Financial Literacy – An avenue to prosperity

The dearth of financial know how can lead to a catastrophe as far as economic stability of an individual is concerned. This exemplifies the fact that efficient management of finances can prove to be a master stroke.

Internet-Based Payments – A Game Changer in the Business World?

The sight of hoards of cash being exchanged across the table after a business deal being finalized is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of bulging wallets and purses being stashed with currency notes

Gold ETF versus Physical Gold

A comparative study between Gold ETFs and Physical Gold covering its features and how to choose between them before investing.

Fixed Deposit Vs. Recurring Deposit, name your choice

How to choose between fixed deposits and recurring deposits in order to make a profitable investment in India or abroad.

Smart Move To Invest Safely In Financial Market

Investors whether in India or across the globe prefer to invest in a less risky or safe investment avenue. Some of the types of financial instruments traded in financial markets include equities, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Instruments