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The most preferred MBA specializations in India

Most of the MBA providers in India offer a wide variety of online MBA specializations in order to meet the demands and preferences of the students. Out of all the different specializations, an aspiring student should select

The scope of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is slowly but steadily replacing the conventional concepts of advertising. People are quite used to the conventional marketing techniques like TV ads, newspaper ads etc. In fact, consumers are getting bombarded with ads each and

Things to keep in mind before you pursue Online MBA

These days you may come across many online MBA providers that offer various online MBA programs for different durations, especially one year MBA, two year MBA and two year Executive MBA. The demand for online mode of

Is online MBA the right option for you ?

Most of us really admire the benefits of online MBA courses in India over conventional MBA programs. Of course, the online mode of study and its anytime, anywhere study options are all fine. But there is something

Tips to select the Best Online Education Provider

The last decade witnessed the rise of many online education providers and institutes. Online education providers are of great benefit for the students who cannot afford to attend regular, live classes due to some reason.  The student

Industrial Relations and Overall Productivity

Industrial relations is a vital aspect that determines the smooth functioning of any industrial establishment or concern. The work environment, interpersonal relationship among the workers, the rapport between worker and employer, managers, supervisors – all play a

How to choose the best online MBA in India

Nowadays, a lot many educational providers offer online MBA programs for various durations like one year and two years. Therefore, for any average MBA aspirant, it becomes very difficult to select the most apt online MBA provider

Concepts Of Inbound Marketing

The marketing strategy that we are already familiar with is Outbound marketing in which businesses search for their customers or audience to sell the product or service. Outbound marketing is the conventional marketing technique that we are

Social Media In Recruitment

Millions of people of different age-groups use social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Recruiters, job consultants and agencies make use of this data to the fullest for their job requirements. From a recruiter’s point of view,

Brand Management

In simple terms brand management deals with managing the branding of your product or service. Branding helps your product stand-out among a group of products and for that you need to understand the concept of branding. So