Ambient Advertising

Ambient Advertising


We very often see advertisements these days. Apart from traditional advertising techniques managed via newspaper and hoardings, advertisements are now very common in websites, social media websites and even in apps. In fact there is an overflow of ads these days. According to surveys, it is said that around 2000 ads are viewed by an Indian on a daily basis. To be frank, people are getting bombarded with ads on a daily basis. In such a scenario, it would be a challenging task for an advertiser to bring his/her product or service before the audience. How can your particular advertisement stand out among the rest to make an impact on the audience? Yes, there lies the relevance of Ambient Advertising.

So what is Ambient Advertising?

Ambient advertising is a peculiar and unique way of advertising technique that helps the advertiser make a special impact on the audience. Ambient advertising makes use of a special medium or platform as means of advertising in a manner and time least expected by the customer. The concept shall be better understood with the help of an example. Consider a phone call automated ad or a call from a customer executive of any service regarding their service or product. If you receive the call during your busy schedule, there is every chance that the receiving customer can go agitated. The reason for agitation is quite evident – the customer was not in a mood to attend that call or he/she was busy. This “agitation” factor can lead to a dislike towards the particular product or service. Distance MBA in India providers too can take up Ambient advertising techniques in order to reach their target audience in a more creative manner.

Ambient advertising makes creative parameters to seek the attention of the customer in a manner in which it does not bother the customer in any ways. Creative parameters like humor, inducing a surprise element, innovation are employed in ambient advertising. All these creative inputs bring in customer engagement for the advertisement in a very positive sense. Most of the ambient advertising techniques are employed near the vicinity of “point of purchase”, that is when the customer is about to buy a product.

The greatest advantage of Ambient advertising is that it help in building up brand recognition in a very affective and efficient manner. Ambient advertising and Distance MBA in India matters shall be discussed in the future blogs.