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Employee Benefits: A Changing Landscape

Warren Buffet once quoted “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”. The statement finds its true meaning when applied to employees and the benefits provided to them. As per MetLife’s 13th Annual U.S. Employee

A Step Ahead towards Financial Inclusion

Since Independence, the Government of India has taken copious initiatives to create financial awareness amongst its citizens. These initiatives were aimed to impart knowledge towards the banking and insurance sector. Ironically, it seems that despite a lot

Financial Literacy – An avenue to prosperity

The dearth of financial know how can lead to a catastrophe as far as economic stability of an individual is concerned. This exemplifies the fact that efficient management of finances can prove to be a master stroke.

Tips to Write High-quality eLearning Storyboards

Did you know that the first storyboard was developed at the Walt Disney Studios during the early 1930s when animator Webb Smith drew chronological scenes on different sheets of paper and pinned them on a bulletin board?