Monthly Archive:: May 2015

Fixed Deposit Vs. Recurring Deposit, name your choice

How to choose between fixed deposits and recurring deposits in order to make a profitable investment in India or abroad.

Smart Move To Invest Safely In Financial Market

Investors whether in India or across the globe prefer to invest in a less risky or safe investment avenue. Some of the types of financial instruments traded in financial markets include equities, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Instruments

Green HR: A Secret for Sustainability

Green HR is an initiative towards implementing eco-friendly HR policies, preserving knowledge capital to reduce cost.

Tips to Effective Handshakes

Handshakes, a significant part of business etiquette, aid in creating positive first impressions during business meetings.

Demystifying ‘Make in India’

An ambitious campaign launched by the Government of India to trigger resurgence in the manufacturing sector of India.