Tips to select the Best Online Education Provider

The last decade witnessed the rise of many online education providers and institutes. Online education providers are of great benefit for the students who cannot afford to attend regular, live classes due to some reason.  The student can pursue the course with the help of a laptop and broadband internet at his or her comfort, […]

Industrial Relations and Overall Productivity

Industrial relations is a vital aspect that determines the smooth functioning of any industrial establishment or concern. The work environment, interpersonal relationship among the workers, the rapport between worker and employer, managers, supervisors – all play a major role in Industrial relations. Politicians, labour scholars etc have described Industrial Relations in their own terms. Out […]

How to choose the best online MBA in India

Nowadays, a lot many educational providers offer online MBA programs for various durations like one year and two years. Therefore, for any average MBA aspirant, it becomes very difficult to select the most apt online MBA provider in India. A vast majority of the online MBA providers offers so much but in reality, like standard […]

Concepts Of Inbound Marketing

The marketing strategy that we are already familiar with is Outbound marketing in which businesses search for their customers or audience to sell the product or service. Outbound marketing is the conventional marketing technique that we are all used to. Now, inbound marketing is just the opposite of Outbound marketing – it attracts customers toward […]

Social Media In Recruitment

Millions of people of different age-groups use social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Recruiters, job consultants and agencies make use of this data to the fullest for their job requirements. From a recruiter’s point of view, the recruiter needs the most skilled and eligible individual for the job opening. Therefore the recruiter should filter […]

Brand Management

In simple terms brand management deals with managing the branding of your product or service. Branding helps your product stand-out among a group of products and for that you need to understand the concept of branding. So what is meant by the term called “brand”. There is a huge difference between a product and brand. […]

What is Blitz Marketing ?

Blitz marketing strategy reminds us of the Blitzkrieg warfare. Blitzkrieg warfare is a sudden and intense military attack from all directions intended on the enemy with the help of heavy artillery or weaponry. Blitzkrieg is organized to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. Due to the sudden, brisk and intense nature of the attack the […]

Visual Merchandising

  Visual Merchandising as the phrase indicates deals with the something “visual”, visually great enough to attract the attention of the customers. Anything that looks great, creatively presented or arranged attracts the attention of the people. This “visual appeal” is the essential factor that governs Visual Merchandising. Visual merchandising or VM is the merchandising technique […]

Ambient Advertising

  We very often see advertisements these days. Apart from traditional advertising techniques managed via newspaper and hoardings, advertisements are now very common in websites, social media websites and even in apps. In fact there is an overflow of ads these days. According to surveys, it is said that around 2000 ads are viewed by […]

Service Marketing Concepts

In general sense, service marketing is nothing but marketing of all service related aspects by a business concern to its potential buyers. The term ‘service related’ includes a wide range of essential services that have a vital role in our day-to-day life. And these service include, health related services, telecommunications, monetary services, hotels, hospitality, travel […]