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Building on ITM Group’s rich experience with online MBA at ITM University Online! Designing and delivering both graduate and post-graduate programs across a variety of disciplines, ITM University Online, offering online MBA has worked upon the knowledge-base created by our highly qualified faculties, our research, publishing and training experience, to create online MBA programs that offer a rich learning experience.

Unlike average online programs, our programs have been created by a team of faculties who are experts in their fields. The subjects have been developed with the latest knowledge and applications of the field. Each component of our online MBA program has been reviewed by senior faculties, from the Self-learning materials and interactive modules, to the Textbooks we have developed exclusively for our students.

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Mr. Nukala Bhanu Teja

Mr. Nukala Bhanu Teja

As a working professional with limitations to travel due to the nature of my job, it was quite difficult for me to think of pursuing higher studies. Being associated to the financial sector, I was under constant pressure considering the competition around me where qualification, expertise and knowledge to grow in the field were essential. To add up to t...Read More
Mr. Sandeep Manepalli Gururaj

Mr. Sandeep Manepalli Gururaj

The MBA Program from ITM University Online is a boon for working professionals who are aiming to uplift their career and hone their skills. I thank ITM University Online for providing such a wonderful and convenient alternative for continual learning, for individuals like us. The admission team was very cordial and responded to all my queries in a pr...Read More


Malleable Study Time

Study material available online 24/7. Study in your free time, no time management issues, perfect balance between work and study time.

Easy To Access

There is easy accessibility to online help in terms of online teachers and online forums. Teachers can be contacted with the help of video chats and e-mails.

Get an Innovative, In-depth Transition

The transition to an environment of learning becomes easy with the availability of multiple sources of learning such as text books, power-point presentations, and story boards on various subjects.

Practical & Interactive Participation

Assessments and interactivities are given at the end of every session such that the practical application of theory learnt can be gauged.

Placement Assistance

ITM University Online has access to all of ITM Group’s placement resources and alumni network, through which thousands of job opportunities are generated.In addition, we are setting up a service for resume preparation and distribution to Recruitment consultants, which shall be announced soon.

Study on the Go

LMS that is easily accessible on a number of devices such as mobile phones, I-pads, computers and other such devices. Availability of ready reckoners such that students can remember the key points of the session learnt.

Exhaustive Online Support

Query resolution without impacting the schedule of the student. Queries can be resolved online either via chat or via email. There is an availability of online forums to ensure that there are multiple sources through which query resolution can happen in quick time.